Layers of Emotion: Courage & Vulnerability

Layers. Like an onion, we are made up of so many layers: the physical, the energetic, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual.

The outer layer is our personality – what we share to the world. And while there are many layers that add up to the sum of our being, two stand out in the emotional space for me right now – courage and vulnerability.

Courage is following my heart and intuition despite what the rational mind suggests. It is believing in the over all good, despite being hurt from the temporary bad, and believing that even if things are not ideal now, that things will improve with time. It is connecting to my heart and spirit with or without the support of others.

But before finding courage, one must dig deep within, face vulnerability.

Vulnerability is to accept, acknowledge, and learn to deal with the ugly truth. For me, it is to be human and have human reactions to things I can’t control. To keep still and be quiet when the other is enraged (that’s a new one for me!). To be OK with not knowing what to do. And to let go of what I must.

Sometimes the only thing I can do is look for a balance between being tough and tender, firm and loving. To present structure with empathy, grounding and ease. In parenting, marriage, and all relationships.

To understand vulnerability is to understand courage and vice versa. To understand all the layers that make us who we are is to understand ourselves.

This post is in collaboration with The Refined Collective Series. Be sure and check out all the ladies in this wonderful group—#therefinedcollective

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Published by Yvette Jain

I’m a yoga and meditation teacher, blogger, wife, and mom of 2 young boys, living in New York City. Parenting can be a purposeful and fulfilling experience, but it has many ups and downs. Here I share my journey of parenting, through a yogic perspective. I am always in search for CALM, strength, balance, flexibility, and joy - on and off the mat. I share the tools I learn along the way with you here. Thank you for visiting my blog!

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